Design and Manufacturing

Our extensive experience with electronic repair provides a backdrop to our design principles. Exposure to a large number of problem situations gives us a high concentration of examples of design faults and less than ideal component selection. To this end we are continually designing when we make a modification to a circuit either to

  • diagnose a fault or to
  • modify or replace a part from a faulty circuit

These modifications sometimes get to stay in operation from then on. Others get improved upon and placed back into service and become one of our designs for a particular problem. Some examples include

We also have a good grounding in Machine Learning techniques and have successfully designed a number of machine processes that incorporate these methods. One such example is the use of machine learning to design a digital filter to process the mains and identify within 4mS a particular fault condition that was identified in a large set of data labelled to identify it.

We also make use of prediction techniques to identify variable speed drive mechanical issues using the speed and torque measurement within the drives themselves.

The designs we complete become manufactured items when there is a market. At other times we are approached to design a PCB or system for a particular product. A core component that is often used in our designs is our own micro controller (EDM). It takes the form of a single PCB with processor, power supplies, analogue inputs, outputs and communications.

The software base for the EDM has been continually evolving over the years, incorporating new routines that are developed in response to new challenges. It becomes easier to do the tasks you come across repeatedly like measurement of AC, DC, RMS and instantaneous signal inputs. Software Phase Locked Loops, Digital filtering and state machine operation are standard routines developed and perfected in house.

The basic EDM PCB and program are currently provided as part of a Variable Frequency drive for fan motor control in diesel electric trucks. We currently manufacture in larger quantity a number of products for OEMs and there are many EDMs still onsite doing the ‘temporary’ job they took on during a service call to fix a problem many years earlier.